ApplyNow Portal


You will get SMS / Email notification when your application is being processed and if it is accepted or rejected.

You will receive a SMS notification together with further information through email. You may resubmit a new application after corrections

You will receive an application reference number when you submit your application(s). Please visit the ''check status'' section of this portal and use the reference number and your particulars to check the status of your application.

You will need your account number and your ID card Number. If you are using a company account please use your company registration number.

If you have forgotten your account number please contact our customer care agents through [email protected] or SMS to 7970202.

Please remember to email using your registered email address with the Bank or SMS using the mobile phone number registered at the Bank.

For more information please visit the following web link for a downloadable guide

You will need to submit hard copy of the Information Form to our branch or to our DropBox.

Please visit the following web link to access a handy document and FAQ on Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun Financing

Take a queue number from ant queue and then proceed to submit your quotations through this portal once approved. Please remember to write the queue number in the reference box inside the portal

You may submit the following types of applications.

1. Information Update forms
2. Ujaalaa Dhiriulun Application Form
3. Debit Card Application Form
4. TT Request (for Individuals only)
5. Quotations submission for Ujaalaa Dhiriulun
6. Requests for Bank Statements
7. Requests for reference letters
8. Request for facility statements

As we go forward we will expand to more types of applications.

For individuals you will need to submit the completed and signed Information Form ( ) together with a valid Identify Card copy (both sides).

1.Information Form ??? Business / Institutions (for your company)
2.Information Form ??? Individual (for the following personal)
a.All Directors
b.All Signatories
c.Company Secretary

Together with attested copies of
1.Valid ID cards (both sides) of all persons for whom you are submitting Information Form ??? Individual
2.Latest Company Profile from the Ministry of Economic Development
3.Tax Registration Certificate from Maldives Inland Revenue Authority
4.Stamp/Seal Registration.